Screen Italia Srl: Screening Patients to Identify Condition

Screen Italia Srl is a medical company based in Italy which sells test kits that delivers the fastest results. The company was created in 2006, and it was established because the founders have seen the lack of availability of test kits in Italy. They saw the need to sell test kits in the country, and they are confident that the rise in demand would soon make their products well-known across Italy. The founders of Screen Italia Srl made it sure that after the manufacturing of their products, it will be delivered immediately to pharmacies to provide the people with easy access towards test kits.

The test kits provided to the public when they first came out was for drug testing. There is a huge number of Italian drug dependents who need to be identified by the government, and it is the reason why they have to undergo drug testing so that the government might develop any idea on how they can help the drug dependent population. Soon after, the products offered by Screen Italia Srl included a pregnancy test, alcohol test, HIV test, and other forms of medical tests. The test kits have been displayed across major pharmacies as well, and they have become a hit.

People started to line up just to get some of their limited edition testing kits, and since 2015, the company has already expanded into different countries, and they have been offering additional tests for the public to. Presently, there are a total of more than 30 tests available at their website. People can also order the test kits at their website, with the delivery taking two business days. Despite the length of time needed to receive the test kits, people stated that waiting for a few hours is all right because it is for their health concerns and safety. Read more information about etilometro come check our site.